Nick Petro

"Seeing Nick Petro in action is an art in itself.  His ability to relate, challenge, and inspire adolescents is an amazing feat that I saw him accomplish in less than an hour.I have never seen anyone capture an audience so intently!"

- Shawna T.,High School Teacher



Nick Petro has a way to move his audience into a place of motivation, confidence, passion, laughter, and purpose in every talk he delivers. Through a charismatic and light-hearted approach, Nick brings valuable insight into somewhat heavy topics. 


By meeting the youth where they are at and earning the right to be heard, he is able to break down barriers by bringing a message of hope and love with his attitude of gratitude and servant heart. In every talk Nick delivers, he addresses how building  7 foundational pillars will create BRIDGES  of communication in your life and will ultimately allow oneself to find their own voice and gain the confidence necessary to change the world for the better and ultimately bridging the communication gap between youth + parents!



are built on these 7 pillars:

Balance. Respect. Integrity. Discovery. Gratitude. Empathy. Self-Esteem

Nick has spoken to over 50,000 students across the nation.

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