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The Youth Life Coaching Program has been carefully designed to help bridge the communication gap to their parents and peers alike.


B. R. I .D .G. E.S

is built on these 7 pillars

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Coaching Overview


The 1-on-1 Youth coaching personally guides the students in building the 7 fundamental pillars that withstand the adversities in life over the course of the program. Each session we continue to unfold the roadblocks that keep them from finding their own voice in this world and work through many of life's challenges. 

The focus is on empowering youth to form a foundation of confidence in who they are and equip them with developmental life skills that will help shape their future with more confidence and direction. By knowing who they are, who they are becoming and ultimately who they want to become, the communication between them and parents becomes, in most cases...bridged. 


The new and highly sought after 1-on-1 Parent coaching is now available! This has been created as an extension of the youth coaching as we have found many parents wanted to find insight and solutions to their own roadblocks, communication with their teen and overall happiness. 

You choose: Immediately before or after the youth coaching session to talk about high-level focal points for the youth coaching session. We then turn the remainder of the time inward to focus on the areas of life that are most important for the parent. We discover ways to bring more balance in your life in all 8 areas of your life! By doing so, we are able to BRIDGE that communication gap between the parent + teen.


Coaching Breakthroughs 

  • Defined purpose in life

  • Attitude of Gratitude

  • Genuine appreciation for others

  • Clear Vision of self in past present and future

  • Positive impact for peers

  • Leader on/off the field

  • Integrity

  • Identify key role models

  • Open communication with parents & peers

  • Increased life skills

  • Identified unique abilities

  • Creating attainable goals

  • Increase self-esteem

  • Respect for self and others

  • Self-Discovery

  • Character Development

  • Personal responsibility

  • Demonstrated empathy toward others

  • Increased motivation

  • Healthier friendships

  • Balance in key areas in life

  • Ability to Lead with love

  • Understanding Empathy