The 7 Pillars that Bridge Communication between Youth + Parents

The 7 Pillars that Bridge Communication between Youth + Parents


This motivational workbook has been carefully crafted and built upon the 7 pillars to withstand the adversities of life for most any youth in their teenage years. It is a culmination of teaching and coaching youth for over 15 years resulting in BRIDGES of communication being built along the way. Each pillar comes equipped with motivational quotes, short chapter stories with words of encouragement, applicable exercises, action items and weekly challenges followed by 6 days of weekly gratitude and reflection journal pages.

My hope is that one will find their life to have more Balance, Respect, Integrity, Discovery, Gratitude, Empathy, increased Self-Esteem and ultimately find their voice in this ever-changing world.

To get the most of this book complete one pillar each week for 7 consecutive weeks. This book is perfect for youth ages 12+. The best results happen when the youth has a parent, teacher, coach or mentor walk through it by completing the exercises and talk about each pillar for 7 consecutive weeks.

After all, If you don’t create the life you want, someone else will create it for you!

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The Nick Petro Company Life Coaching Program uses this book as a backdrop for many facets of the coaching program for youth and parents to work through exercises together, hence BRIDGING the communication gap.